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The April 23, 2021 debut of Kathmandu Connection Season 1 was broadcast on the OTT service SonyLiv. The Kathmandu Connection season 1 garnered about 1.9K votes on IMDb with a rating of 5.8 out of 10, despite earning mixed reviews from critics. The Kathmandu Connection’s first season was centred on the inquiry into the 1993 Bombay explosions.

The Kathmandu Connection Season 2 is about to premiere its second episode, which features murder, kidnapping, and a chase, after more than a year and a half. The actors from the first season will return for Kathmandu Connection Season 2. Continue reading to find out when the series will be available online.

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An Indian online series called Kathmandu Connection Season 2 is created and directed by Ajay G. Rai. Produced by Jar Pictures, the show features Amit Sial, Aksha Pardasani, Anshuman Pushkar, Prashant Narayanan, Anurag Arora, and Harleen Sethi. It was influenced by the actual account of what happened after the IC-814 hijacking in 1999.

Amit Sial, Aksha Pardasani, and Anshuman Pushkar are the stars of the Sachin Pathak-directed Hindi-language web series. The second season of the drama focuses on the historic IC 814 hijacking case from December 1999, while the first season of the show was based on the events of the 1993 Bombay bombings. Kathmandu Connection made its debut on SonyLIV only on April 23, 2021. On December 13, 2022, a season 2 teaser was posted, and on December 23, 2022, the show debuted.

The show features a large cast of characters, including Shivani, who is working on several investigations to thwart this imminent but well-known danger, Tasneem the intelligence officer played by Harleen Sethi, Shravan Mishra by Anurag Arora, and Samarth Kaushik, a former DCP turned secret agent played by Amit Sial.

Kathmandu Connection Season 2 SonyLiv Trailer

here you can download Filmywap Kathmandu Connection Season 2 The trailer is accessible online. The movie demonstrates how the Indian audience has evolved and how it now prefers real stories than made-up ones.

It has also affected some well-known films, including CAT, Yashoda, Karthikeya 2, Pitchers Season 2, Aar Ya Paar, etc.

The second season of The Kathmandu Connection centres on the 1999 hijacking of IC-814. It is important to determine how a kidnapping, an assault on a nation’s sovereignty, and a negotiated peace conference are related to one another.

Kathmandu Connection Season 2 Web Series Release Date and Time

Season 2 of Kathmandu Connection will premiere on December 23 at 9:00 IST. has been made available worldwide. While you may stream it online if you have a SonyLiv subscription. download it where you want to You can perform it on a computer or a mobile device as well.

The second season of Kathmandu Connection will debut on SonyLIV on December 23. The central event in the narrative will be the “1999 IC-814 hijack incident.”


The web series will be available to watch on SonyLiv, just as its prior instalments. The series’ premiere date has not yet been made public. But it’s anticipated to happen soon. Kathmandu Connection Season 2 will shortly begin streaming on the OTT platform, according to a statement published by SonyLiv on its official social media channel.

Kathmandu Connection Season 2 Series Cast

now let’s know Season 2 of the TV show “Kathmandu Connection” Who is the entire cast? You’ve found the proper place if you’re seeking for the Kathmandu Connection Season 2 Series download cast. Amit Sial, Aksha Pardasany, and Anshuman Pushkar play the main characters in the television series. on December 23, 2022. “sony liv” It’ll be accessible on

MoviesKathmandu Connection Season 2 Series
artistsAmit Sial, Aksha Pardasany, and Anshuman Pushkar
directorSachin Pathak
Movie TypeDrama

Starring in it are Harleen Sethi, Anurag Arora, Prashant Narayanan, Aksha Pardasani, Amit Sial, and Anshuman Pushkar. Ajay G. Rai is the producer and Sachin Pathak is the director of Kathmandu Connection S2. It is written by Siddharth Mishra and produced by Ajay G Rai under the banner of JAR Pictures. Arun Kumar Pandey was the director of photography. Sneha Khanwalkar composed the music.

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Shivani Bhatnagar (Aksha Pardasani), who works for a media outlet in London, finds out about an impending threat to India’s security. Shivani unearths documentation pertaining to the hijacking of the IC-814 as well as a link to Kathmandu.

distributorssony liv
channel partnerSony Max
music partnerzee music
Running TimeNot Available
Release date23 December 2022

Shivani is assisted by Sunny Sharma in travelling to Kathmandu (Anshuman Pushkar). He is about to reveal the scheme. Then there are twists, which start a cat-and-mouse chase. Will Shivani be able to reveal the plot once more, or will Samarth Kaushik (Amit Sial) use her as bait?

Kathmandu Connection Season 2 All Episodes Download Telegram

You can discover a link to the Index of Kathmandu Connection Season 2 Total Episodes Download FilmyMeet in this post if you’re also looking for it. But keep in mind that you should see this kind of movie in a theatre. But you have a link to it here for your convenience.

An officer is killed, a hotelier is abducted, and a reporter is pursued against the backdrop of the 1993 Mumbai bombings. A recap of the first season and a reminder of which characters had the greatest impact on it open the first episode of the second part.

Shivani Bhatnagar, played by Aksha Pardasani, gets a call from a man who wants to offer important information concerning a national threat as the second season of Kathmandu Connection premieres. She doesn’t first take him seriously, but after hearing her message on the landline phone, he realises that she was slain while he was recording.


In Season 2 of Kathmandu Connection, fugitive journalists Samarth Kaushik, Shivani Bhatnagar, and wanted felon Sunny Sharma are in charge of a terrifying terrorist investigation. It is a worthy continuation of the previous season and has Amit Sial and Anshuman Pushkar in the key characters. It is directed by Sachin Pathak (Drishyam, Rangbaaz: The Politics of Fear) and written by Siddharth Mishra. Sunny Sharma of Anshuman Pushkar assists Shivani in finding the appropriate contacts in Kathmandu after surrendering himself in the previous season.

Kathmandu Connection Season 2 Review

The Kathmandu Connection was undoubtedly one of the most underappreciated web series of the last year, despite having a compelling plot and a number of unexpected turns that left the viewer in amazement. The second season held out a lot of hope, but as has become the norm, it fell short of the first season’s impact. SonyLIV’s thriller is powerful despite its excellent acting and well-paced plot.

The protagonist and adversary are switched in this series, which has multiple climaxes. Even if the second season isn’t as interesting as the first season, it’s still worth watching despite the story’s mild predictability. This six-part series’ sharp editing, which causes no one to blink, also works in its advantage. Serving the same old tea but with just the right flavor is key.

When will Kathmandu Connection Season 2 be available?

Season 2 of Kathmandu Connection on Sony liv I have a release time of 23 December 2022.

Who is the second season’s director of Kathmandu Connection?

Sachin Pathak is the director of Season 2 of Kathmandu Connection.

Can our family watch Season 2 of Kathmandu Connection together?

Yes, we can watch Season 2 of Kathmandu Connection as you relax with your family.

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